PRELUDIO CAPRI – Crystal embellished thong sandal Crossing III in black velvet


Preludio Capri took the silhouette of a classic gladiator sandal and made it not so classic. These slip-on sandals in velvet make these the perfect shoe for somebody looking for both comfort and elegance. Whether your feeling a lazy beach day or a chic happy hour, these sandals give just the right amount of style to make you feel effortlessly cool. A sandal that is the definition of summer elegance. Dress is it up, dress it down, with this sandal, you are ready for any occasion. We promise.


Preludio Capri

Preludio was born in 2014 to bring the love for Capri and for quality Italian craftsmanship to globetrotters sailing the Mediteranean. Founded by Maria Renata Fimiani, an Italian architect from Naples, Preludio represents her passion and love for the coast, for Capri, where Maria Renata grew up spending her summers, and for the island’s iconic bottegas. Maria Renata married her interests in architectural design with her love and deep affection for Capri, to recreate the experience of a bottega by building a wooden trunk whose treasures inside were all of the materials needed to craft the traditional Capri sandal. This trunk would become a so-called “saling trunk” which together with cobblers, would travel from boat to boat and coast to coast bringing the art of sandal making to international guests aboard. At the same time, Maria Renata opened a school dedicated to teaching and passing on the knowledge of this craftsmanship to other artisans, with the goal of making the experience of the “sailing trunk” available to more and more people. Over the years, Preludio evolved to find a spot on land and opened the doors of its very own bottega in 2018 in the coastal town of Monte Argentario followed by several pop-up boutiques at La Rinascente’s locations in Milan, Florence and Rome. Today, Renata wants to bring the unique experience of the Preludio sandal online, in hopes to make it available to not only those in Capri or off the coast of Capri, but to everyone around the world. Welcome to Preludio. They are committed to bringing the beauty of quality Italian craftsmanship to you, on land or at sea.





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