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Global multisensorial Anti-aging Cream combining the LemonLux® complex made of the Sorrento Lemon Essential Oil and the organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Sorrento Peninsula with 5 Biomimetic Peptides, that help visibly reduce wrinkles and expression lines, a high concentration of Niacinamide, Vitamin C and Seawater. The innovative texture and the sweet lemon scent create an intense sensory stimulation, transforming the beauty ritual into a moment of pleasure and deep relaxation.

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The exclusive formula combines the LemonLux® complex with 5 Bio-Technological Peptides, a high concentration of Vitamin C and Niacinamide. Day after day, the face appears visibly younger and more radiant.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: The velvety texture absorbs quickly, leaving a pleasant sensation of deep hydration and a delicate lemon scent. Apply morning and evening, massaging gently on the face, neck and décolleté.

RITUAL: To enhance its effectiveness and for a global beauty ritual, it is recommended to use Global Lux Cream in combination with Premium Lux Oil.

Luce di Sorrento

Luce di Sorrento comes from Giovanna Adelizzi family history, passionately dedicated to the cultivation of Sorrento lemons since1923 and believing that the real secret of beauty lies in nature. Luce di Sorrento, for a unique and immersive
experience in the wonders of our land and a life full of light. Luce di Sorrento is the result of a long research project with functional dermocosmetics, to create an innovative and high-quality beauty treatment that helps counteract the effects of time, for a visibly younger and more radiant skin. It all starts in Sorrento, in the heart of their lemon and olive groves, along hillsides and terraces sloping to the sea. We have created highly innovative formulas, combining topnotch cosmetics with natural active principles from the land of Sorrento. Their Laboratories have created LemonLux ®, an extraordinary blend of Science and Nature made form the Sorrento Lemon Essential Oil PGI and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO of the Sorrentine Peninsula; rare and precious ingredients that can slow down time and ageing. Take care of yourself and let us pamper you with our sensorial beauty rituals. Give your skin an intense moment of care and relaxation; for a deep revitalization and glowing skin enhanced by the delicate scent of Sorrento Lemons.





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