ATELIER MOLAYEM – 18 kt white gold Moon pendant with brilliant


The phrase “To the Moon and Back” or love without borders. The pendants, earrings and rings that enrich this collection are made of 18kt gold with diamonds. They can be combined with necklaces and bracelets but the meaning remains the same. By giving them we declare our love.

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Atelier Molayem

Atelier Molayem has evolved from the curiosity and creativity of Stella Molayem. Stella Molayem spent her childhood playing amongst her father’s antique jewelry collections in Rome, Italy, where she was born. A unique collection inspired by Roman Antiquities, Indo-Persian art and religious symbols intertwined with light, colour and elegance. An Art-History graduate, Stella combines antique with contemporary, her love for beauty, shape and form are translated in her delicate yet powerful jewelry. Atelier Molayem’s unique jewels convey Stella Molayem’s passion for life and its meaning. Forever questioning the significance of life. What is life, if not Love and Passion? The same Love and Passion which Stella celebrates in her luminous and romantic creations, where each jewel in entirely hand crafted respecting artisanal workmanship and sustainability. At times of ever social and cultural change, Stella’s sensibility combines, in a creative and unexpected way, the formality of ancient times with a whimsical, contemporary twist. Her free and passionate mind forever seeking beauty across times and places.





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