A Haute Cuisine Rendezvous with Rosa Fanti

Rosa Fanti for The Dressing Screen at Ristorante Cracco

Under the covered gallery’s sky of aged window panes at Milan’s Majestic turn-of-the-century Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Helen enters the Ristorante Cracco, a new eatery founded by famed Italian chef Carlo Cracco.  A testament to the nation’s culinary superiority, the Ristorante is the perfect place to meet Rosa Fanti, a local style maker.

Rosa Fanti, a mother of two and the public relations and communications director for landmark eatery Ristorante Cracco, combines her love for fine Italian cuisine with her love for fine Made in Italy fashion, on a daily basis. It’s no wonder she, like Helen, is a supporter of The Dressing Screen and purveying Italian excellence worldwide.

The two meet for a morning brioche and cappuccino to discuss some of the emerging brands on the Milanese scene. Helen, who perpetually has a pulse on what is new, is delighted to learn that Rosa is also a fan of Vernisse, a brand the two recently discovered, each on their own accord. Among the models made exclusively for The Dressing Screen, Rosa opted for the brand’s 70s revival, Giraffe dress, an uptown look splashed with an anamelier pattern, made with upcycled silk. Vernisse is a unique Italian label that seeks to reduce its environmental impact. It specializes in artisanal crafted styles that can take up to 20 days to make.

Rosa Fanti for The Dressing Screen at Ristorante Cracco

Helen, also dressed in a wine colored Vernisse top, jeans, her signature bespoke turban and Paola D’Arcano cowboy boots – an outift that will take her from breakfast, all the way to her evening power meetings.

Rosa was pleased to discuss the sustainable story behind Vernisse, this Made in Italy gem.

“I discovered Vernisse by chance, stumbling upon some Instagram photos and it immediately struck me for its timeless elegance, the refined fabrics and its vintage touch. Then I discovered that behind this brand, there are two young, very smart girls who created their brand from their passion for vintage fashion and their researched Made in Italy style,” Rosa said.  “When Helen got me involved in this The Dressing Screen project, I immediately accepted with enthusiasm. It seemed like an ideal opportunity to be involved with an all-female community.”

Rosa also chose a pair of pumps by Paola D’Arcano, a designer known for her unique, retro styles and luxurious materials.  Together with Rosa’s Officina del Poggio Notte velvet purse and Helen’s Virginia Severini’s handbag, D’Arcano’s sultry heels and boots are the perfect compliment their metropolitan chic day looks.

Paola D’Arcano is another very talented woman whom I already know and who creates beautiful, classic and up-to-date footwear for women,” said Rosa.

Rosa Fanti for The Dressing Screen at Ristorante Cracco

After a warm chat about friends, family and fashion, the two ladies head out to take on their busy schedules together, setting out under the golden arches of Milan’s monumental shopping mall, Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, the birthplace of Prada and home to many other landmark Italian brands.

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